Sniper sets ‘new world record’ for longest kill 1 week ago

Sniper sets ‘new world record’ for longest kill

The previous record was fired from 2.19 miles away

A sniper has reportedly set a new world record for the longest kill.


The previous record, which has to be the darkest world record in history, was set by a Canadian special operations sniper, who took out an opposition fighter from 2.19 miles away back in 2019 in Iraq.

Now, the new record is alleged to have been set by a Ukrainian sniper.

The special operations serviceman from the Security Service of Ukraine is said to have killed a Russian soldier from 2.36 miles away.


Footage which claims to show the sniper’s shot shows a Russian soldier dropping to the ground seconds after the shot is fired.

The shot is said to have come from a Horizon’s Lord sniper rifle.

The rifle, which stands at a terrifying six feet, is a single-shot bolt-action anti-material rifle.

Designed by a Ukrainian arms plant, the rifle is said to be easily transportable and can be removed from the battlefield with ease despite its monstrous size.


In a statement, the Ukrainian Army said: “SBU snipers are rewriting the rules of global sniping, showcasing unparalleled abilities to operate effectively at remarkable distances.”

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