Someone in Dublin is €500,000 richer after tonight's EuroMillions 9 months ago

Someone in Dublin is €500,000 richer after tonight's EuroMillions

And if it's you, remember that Christmas time is coming up...

There was one winner of the EuroMillions Plus top prize on Tuesday night, and the winning ticket was sold in Dublin.

That's right. So if you purchased a ticket, you'd better get checking right away.

The winning numbers were 4 5 14 15 and 16.

So if they are your numbers, just remember who it was who reminded you to check the ticket...

It's not clear yet exactly where the winning ticket was sold, the only information available is that it was bought somewhere in Dublin.

Meanwhile, someone in the UK has also just won an incredible €190,000,000 in the EuroMillions Jackpot.

A genuinely obscene amount of money.

The winning numbers for the Jackpot were 7 10 15 44 and 49, with 3 and 12 being the Lucky Stars.

Tuesday night's draw was unique, in that the €190 million had to be won no matter what, cutting the odds of your chance at winning the top prize from 140 million to 1 to 7 million to 1 due to a never-before enforced rule.

Just think about it. €190 million. So many chicken fillet rolls.