Images released of device intended to kill police in Tyrone 1 year ago

Images released of device intended to kill police in Tyrone

A device intended to murder police was left close to a number of houses. The New IRA have been blamed.

A bomb found in Strabane in Tyrone at the weekend was targeted at PSNI officers, police have confirmed.

A suspicious object which had been placed on a wall close to a number of houses was discovered by a resident at around 8.30am.

The object was examined by police and an ATO (Ammunition Technical Officer) and was found to be a viable mortar type device.

The device was made safe and was quickly removed for further examination.

Images of the device were shared on the official PSNI Twitter page, which you can see here:

In a statement issued on Monday morning, PSNI Superintendent Gordon McCalmont said: "It is our assessment that the New IRA is responsible for the mortar device that was discovered outside homes in Church View Close in Strabane on Saturday morning.

"The people who left this device had every intention of killing my colleagues serving the Strabane community. They showed no regard for the families, elderly and vulnerable people who were forced to leave their homes and whose lives were put at risk.

"As a parent myself it was terrifying to hear local mother Aileen Mullan recount how close her children were to this deadly device."

"The New IRA members behind this attack are living in the community. They are building bombs and storing weapons and placing the community at risk.

"To further highlight the recklessness and total disregard shown by the New IRA, a public safety operation is taking place in Creggan this morning involving approximately 80 officers and explosive detection dogs.

"Our assessment is that this group is concealing bomb making materials. We have a number of areas of focus but there is nothing definitive and no guarantees. However, our chances of success are vastly improved by support and information from the community.

"Our focus will remain on keeping the community safe against the threat posed by these violent groups and I would strongly urge people to report any suspicions they have about dangerous and illegal activity in our community."