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24th Jul 2021

Temperatures to reach 28 degrees this weekend as conditions set to cool next week

Stephen Porzio

It looks like Ireland’s heatwave is sticking around at least for the weekend.

Met Éireann has forecast temperatures of 28 degrees this weekend, though conditions are set to become cooler throughout next week.

According to the weather experts, there will be good sunny spells this Saturday afternoon, with conditions staying mostly dry.

However, it will be a little cloudier in the east with the chance of a light shower near the coast. A few isolated heavy showers or thunderstorms may also develop in western Connacht this afternoon.

Temperatures between 22 and 27 degrees are predicted, with conditions warmest in the west but slightly fresher along the east coast in a light to moderate breeze.

Sunday will also bring good sunny spells with just a few scattered heavy or thundery showers developing in the afternoon.

Met Éireann says it will be warm to hot with temperatures ranging from 22 to 28 degrees.

Following the weekend, the weather is set to turn cooler and unsettled with temperatures back to more average values for mid-summer.

Monday will be less humid and will see a fair amount of cloud, with the best of the sunshine in the south and southeast.

Showery outbreaks of rain will develop during the day, mainly in western parts. Temperatures will generally range from 18 to 23 degrees.

The showery outbreaks of rain will become more widespread on Monday evening and night.

The rain will then clear early on Tuesday, followed by fresher conditions and some scattered showers. Temperatures between 16 to 20 degrees are predicted.

Met Éireann says the following couple of days will be showery with the risk of heavy downpours and thunder, along with some bright or sunny spells too.

Temperatures will generally be in the mid to high teens by day, before falling to between 9 and 11 degrees at night. Conditions also look set to become more breezy by mid-week.

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