These are the most generous counties in Ireland 5 years ago

These are the most generous counties in Ireland

Does your county make the list? You (generous/mean) bastard...

December is the month where the majority of charities receive the most donations as people are feeling in a particularly giving mood in the lead up to Christmas.


If December is the most generous month, in theory, it should be possible to calculate which county is the most generous by breaking down the funds given to charity by each county.

Child Sponsorship organisation ActionAid scrolled through their records recently and they discovered that the people of Kerry are the most generous when it comes to donating to their charity. More people from Kerry, per percentage of population, have sponsored a child in Africa than any other county in the country.

The selfless people of Kerry (don't tell any of them we paid them a compliment) have sponsored 700 children in Africa and Asia since 1983.

But the rest of the country isn't bad either as over the last 20 years almost 20,000 Irish child sponsors have helped ActionAid transform the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.


Siobhan McGee, Chief Executive of ActionAid Ireland said: “At a time when life is financially harder for most of us, the generosity of people in Kerry is inspiring and absolutely vital to support ActionAid’s work.”

“We are grateful to everyone across Ireland who has stuck with us during hard times, we have sponsors who have been with us for more than 30 years! Currently almost 6,000 children are being sponsored by Irish people but following the recession we urgently need more people to step forward and help change a life.”

The top 10 most generous counties per percentage of population according to ActionAid are:

  1. Kerry
  2. Limerick
  3. Dublin
  4. Wicklow
  5. Longford
  6. Clare
  7. Kildare
  8. Westmeath
  9. Sligo
  10. Louth