Thief battered by spade wielding chip shop worker in Tallaght 8 years ago

Thief battered by spade wielding chip shop worker in Tallaght

A thief in Tallaght recently tried to hold up a chip shop using a hammer, but his plans were thwarted when one of the shop’s staff members started swinging a spade.

The incident occurred earlier this month when two masked thieves pulled up outside Gio’s chipper in Kingswood shopping centre in Tallaght close to mid-night.


One of the thieves stayed on the motorbike in order to make a quick getaway, while the other ran into Gio’s while brandishing a hammer.

Gio’s owner, John Soave, believes the pair targeted his shop because they could only see one young woman working the till at the time of the incident, but little did they know that both John and another male worker were in the back cleaning out the freezers with a spade.

According to The Star, Mr Soave said: “The raider ran into the shop and banged the hammer off the counter while screaming for the money. We knew something was up when we heard the girl in the shop letting out a scream.

“The other man that was with me hit him on the shoulder with the spade that he had in his hand. The raider didn’t wait around after that, he jumped back over the counter and sped off.”


Gardaí are currently looking into the incident.