This is the best restaurant in Ireland according to TripAdvisor 7 years ago

This is the best restaurant in Ireland according to TripAdvisor

The Dublin 4 restaurant takes the gong...

TripAdvisor has put together a list of the best restaurants in Ireland and according to them, the best restaurant is the Mulberry Garden in Dublin 4.


Hidden down Mulberry Lane in Donnybrook, it was the highest rated restaurant on TripAdvisor with people claiming the it was a, "hidden gem behind a primrose pink gate!"

The winner is picked by contributors to the site and taking into account the combined reviews by members of the public.

There were a total of 411 reviews of Mulberry Garden on the website and an astounding 75% of the reviews rated it as excellent.

One review of the restaurant said it was: "Perfect service and very delicous meals in combination with a unique and atmosperic ambiance - These are the reasons why we enjoyed this special restaurant very much! Even with a group of 20 People everything was perfect from easy reservation up to the personalised menu. Very good value for money! Thank's a lot!"


But there was also good news for fine cuisine lovers in the Kingdom as three of their Dingle restaurants ranked in the top ten in the country.

Other entries on the list included Chapter One in Dublin, An Port Mor Restaurant in Westport and Finns' Table in Cork.

These are the top ten restaurants in Ireland according to TripAdvisor...

  1. Mulberry Garden, Dublin
  2. Idas Restaurant, Dingle, Kerry
  3. Chapter One, Dublin
  4. The Restaurant at Harvey's Point, Dublin
  5. Sabor Brazil, Dublin
  6. The Chart House, Dingle, Kerry
  7. The Global Village, Dingle, Kerry
  8. Dax Restaurant, Dublin
  9. An Port Mor Restaurant, Westport, Mayo
  10. Finns's Table, Kinsale, Cork

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