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14th Jul 2019

Trump claims that the children detention centers at US/Mexico border are getting “great reviews”

Rory Cashin

donald trump isis

This is a properly shocking statement to make.

It seems like it has been barely a few seconds since Trump was attacking apparently unnamed Democrat congresswomen from countries “whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe” should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came from”… although we all pretty much know exactly who he was talking about.

Well, since he was already on such a roll, he decided to continue with both barrels of bizarre anger seemingly firing indiscriminately into the online crowd.

On Sunday morning, he tweeted the following, so all spelling errors and random, erratic captilalisations are his own:

“Friday’s tour showed vividly, to politicians and the media, how well run and clean the children’s detention centers are. Great reviews! Failing NY Times story was FAKE! The adult single men areas were clean but crowded – also loaded up with a big percentage of criminals.

“Sorry, can’t let them into our Country. If too crowded, tell them not to come to USA, and tell the Dems to fix the Loopholes – Problem Solved!”

So… who exactly is reviewing these children detention centres and giving them “great reviews”? Where can we see these great reviews? TripAdvisor, maybe?

Well, The New York Times described their visit to the centre as follows:

“Nearly 400 men crammed inside a cage with no space to lie down and no mats or pillows”, and “Before members of the news media were ushered out of the facility, some of the detainees shouted that they had been there for more than 40 days, were hungry and could not brush their teeth.

“One pool reporter described the stench as ‘horrendous’ some of the agents wore face masks – and said it was sweltering inside the detention center, which was less than 10 miles from the river that divided the US and Mexico.”

Vice President Mike Pence also recently visited the centres, stating that “I was not surprised by what I saw. I knew we would see a system that was overwhelmed. This is tough stuff.”

To date, 13 adult detainees have died while in custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement since the beginning of last year.