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15th Jun 2018

WATCH: Trump says he wants ‘his people’ to treat him the way North Koreans treat Kim Jong-un

Rory Cashin

Donald Trump

Kim Jong-un has entire Wikipedia pages listing the people he’s personally had executed and “purged”.

Not only that, but there is another, separate page of Wikipedia listing all of the human right’s violations committed in North Korea under Jong-un’s rule. Don’t believe us: here they are.

So when President Donald Trump tells a reporter that he wants be treated by Americans the same way that Jong-un is treated by North Koreans, you almost can’t help but be shocked.

During an impromptu 30-minute interview on the White House lawn with Fox & Friends, the reporter asks Trump if it will long before we get to see Kim Jong-un visit Washington DC.

At the 17:10 mark in the video below, Trump responds:

“Uhhh, could happen. I mean, yeah, I would have him. Yeah, I think it is something that could happen. Yeah – hey, he is the head of a country – and I mean he is the strong head, don’t let anyone think anything different, he speaks and his people sit up in attention – and I want my people to do the same.”

Clip via Fox News

Following this interview, some of the folk in America had some opinions on his statement:

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