Turns out Saturday in Ireland was even hotter than we thought, and it is going to get even better 5 years ago

Turns out Saturday in Ireland was even hotter than we thought, and it is going to get even better

It is almost as if the good weather is ONLY coming on the weekends...

During the week last week, we had to "endure" the slightly dipped temperatures and some wind and even - GASP! - some rain!


Then the weekend came and we were told to expect temperatures in the high teens, which was nice enough.

And now we're back in the thick of it, with a rainfall weather warning taking over half the country for the next few days. Oh, Ireland summers! Never change!

However, anyone who might have gone to see Ed Sheeran in the Phoenix Park in Dublin were in for the best of it, as Met Eireann have released where in Ireland had the highest temperatures on Saturday 21 May...


That still doesn't quite match the highest temperatures of the year so - 23 degrees on Saturday 6 May, also in the Phoenix Park - but it looks like next week might give that record a run for its money.

As we've mentioned above, Monday and Tuesday will mostly be a wash-out, but even on Tuesday, some of the country can expect up to 19 degrees, particularly if you happen in live in the South-East.

However, after that, things are picking up significantly, as per the forecast report:


"Wednesday to Friday (inclusive): Current indications are that it will be quite warm and mostly dry, with sunny intervals and just a few scattered showers. Daytime temperatures will reach the low 20s in many areas, but it will be cooler on coasts, with sea breezes. Winds will be mostly light to moderate east to northeast, fresh at times on the southeast coast."

Low 20s?? Now that is what we're talking about! How do you define low 20s? 20.5? 23?? Either way, it is gonna be HOT.

Even better, from the looks of it, that hot streak will continue well into next weekend, too.

We're trying not to jinx it... but it looks like Summer is finally arriving!