Twitter permanently bans controversial Politics For All account 7 months ago

Twitter permanently bans controversial Politics For All account

The news aggregation service is no more.

Twitter has made the move to permanently ban the popular Politics For All account, following an initial suspension.


The news aggregation service, which had hundreds of thousands of followers, was suspended alongside the Football For All and News For All accounts due to violating the social media platform's rules on platform manipulation and spam, according to reports.

However, Twitter has yet to issue a definitive official reason for the ban.

The Guardian notes that the account will not be allowed to return.

Founded by 19-year-old Nick Moar, the Politics For All account gained a large following over the past year, posting stories from mainstream news outlets with a focus on generating viral engagement.


However, the service has attracted regular criticism, including accusations of distorting the truth in a bid to chase viral success.

“The fact Twitter will allow the Taliban on their platform but not a simple news aggregator is quite something," a Politics For All spokesperson told The Guardian.

"We will be appealing this decision," they added.

Twitter, meanwhile has stated that the decision is final.