Two planes nearly collided in Dublin Airport according to a report 1 year ago

Two planes nearly collided in Dublin Airport according to a report

No one was injured.

An investigation into a near miss between two planes at Dublin Airport in May last year found that a collision nearly occurred because the two planes were operating on different radio frequencies.

A Boeing 737 carrying 176 passengers passed close by a Airbus carrying 137 passengers but thankfully, no collision occurred between the pair.

However, due to the small margin of clearance between the two aircraft, an investigation into the incident was carried out by the Air Accident Investigation Unit in Ireland.

The incident occurred on a taxiway leading onto the runway. Planes use the taxiway to get into position to take off from the start of the runway and neither aircraft were taking off or landing when the incident occurred.

Airbus EI-DER (pink line below) was stationary at the corner of Link 1 and had been cleared to taxiway (TWY) E1. A Boeing 737, EI-EBW (blue line below), was cleared by the Surface Movements Controller (SMC) on Ground frequency to taxi to TWY E1. While taxiing towards TWY E1 in accordance with its clearance, EI-EBW passed in close proximity to the front of EI-DER and stopped behind the first aircraft.

The pilot of the Airbus called over the radio for the Boeing to stop but the pilot of the Boeing did not hear the transmission as it was on a different frequency. The Airbus halted its advance and the Boeing passed by it with only "wingtip clearance".

By the time Boeing was transferred to the Air Traffic Control on Tower frequency, it had already passed Airbus and was stopped.

No damage was caused to either plane and no injuries to any crew or passengers were reported. The Boeing aircraft took off from the airport shortly after.