Two-thirds of men are drinking to cope during Covid-19 4 months ago

Two-thirds of men are drinking to cope during Covid-19

There has been an increase in men using alcohol as a coping mechanism since the beginning of the pandemic.

Two-thirds of Irish men (66%) and just over half of Irish women (55%) are drinking alcohol as a coping mechanism while restrictions remain in place due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The figures come from a report by Drinkaware examining drinking habits in Ireland since the introduction of Covid-19 restrictions.

The findings in the report show a disproportionate increase in frequency and volume of alcohol consumed among men in Ireland when compared with women and the overall population.

40% of men report drinking at home alone, compared to 32% of women, while men are more than twice as likely to report binge drinking four or more times in the past 30 days.

57% of men in Ireland have been drinking on a weekly basis, compared to 48% of women.

According to Drinkaware, men experience a significant burden of alcohol-related harm in Ireland and around the world.

Commenting on the research, Drinkaware CEO Sheena Horgan, said: "The data tells the story of stark gender divide regarding alcohol consumption in Ireland. Irish men are clearly using alcohol as a way to cope with the anxiety, loneliness and boredom of Covid-19.

"Men already fared worse in terms of frequency and volume of drinking. Now they are exhibiting consistently hazardous and potentially harmful drinking habits."