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28th Jan 2014

Video: There’s a ticket barrier on the Tube in London that sounds just like Blur’s Song 2


Conor Heneghan


Blur have racked up quite the catalogue of hits over the last two decades or so, but you could argue that of all of them, ‘Song 2’ is their most universally recognisable track thanks to an incredibly catchy opening riff and beat and a powerful chorus that you could headbang to all day long.

The vast majority of people might not know all of the lyrics – “I got my head checked by a jumbo jet,” anyone? – but what they do know is the ‘Woo-hoo’ part of the chorus, which is even being repeated by a ticket barrier in the Canary Wharf Tube Station on the London Underground (check the video above if you don’t believe us).

Granted, it takes a bit of a flight of the imagination to associate a rather high-pitched automated sound with the chorus of a well-known rock song, but we enjoyed it and Blur fan or not, you should too.

Video via YouTube/Ritch Ames

Hat-tip: Metro UK

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