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18th Mar 2014

Video: This dancing cleaner at a Paddy’s Day parade in Limerick is a bit of a legend

Just look at him go.


Just look at him go.

The great thing about parades around the country on St. Patrick’s Day is that it’s often the most unlikely characters who emerge as the star of the show.

A case in point is a cleaner who was spotted at a Paddy’s Day parade in Limerick yesterday and although Michael Flatley might have been Grand Marshal in Cork, this dude would certainly give him a run for his money.

Starting off with a few impromptu moves, he then entered into dance-offs with anyone brave enough to take him on, young and old, and had deservedly attracted the attention of a quite a sizeable audience while he was at it.

He might have just been a cleaner this year, but surely he’ll have a bigger role to play next year, perhaps even Grand Marshal, on the back of this performance.


Hat-tip to Nicholas O’Shea for passing this one onto us

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