The weather news for the weekend is ALMOST all good 7 months ago

The weather news for the weekend is ALMOST all good

It could be an awful lot worse.

So far, April hasn't really done much to warm our bones, and you've probably noticed some frost atop on your windscreen this morning.

Thankfully, things are set to pick up quite a bit this weekend.

Met Éireann's national forecast for Saturday and Sunday is predicting highs of 10 and 11 degrees Celsius in the North and East, going as high as 13 or 14 degrees elsewhere. Practically t-shirt weather.

Most importantly, the majority of the country is expected to remain dry throughout, with some bright or sunny spells. There will, sadly, be rain over the southern areas, clearing to the southwest.

Sunday will be better again: "Mainly dry and bright, with partly cloudy skies and with sunny spells in most places. Top temperatures of 11 or 12 C., in eastern coastal counties, but 13 to 15 C., elsewhere, in a moderate easterly breeze." We can expect a cool Sunday night, with lows of between three and six degrees, which is certainly better than the minus temperatures and rain we've had to endure this week.

All-in-all, we can certainly say we've seen worse weather in recent times. Indeed, we could even be entering "fierce mild" territory.

You can read Met Éireann's forecast in full here.