Here's how the weather is shaping up for the week 6 months ago

Here's how the weather is shaping up for the week

After the recent rainy conditions, here's what's in store.

For a time this week, it felt like the rain was never going to stop as a status yellow weather warning affected 11 counties. However, we're living in Ireland and we're all hardy bucks when it comes to the rain.

This being said, a bit of sunshine won't go amiss.

Usually, the start of the Leaving Cert coincides with glorious conditions because life is hilariously cruel, especially when you're doing the Leaving Cert.

On this note, here's what Met Éireann has forecast for the week ahead.

Wednesday morning is set to be cloudy in most areas with spells of rain. The rain will be heavy and persistent - especially across the north and west with some spot flooding in places.

Munster will get the best of the weather with a few sunny and dry spells. Wednesday night will see more rain in the north overnight but there will be a good deal of dry weather elsewhere.

Sadly, the rain will descend into showery conditions on Thursday and these showers will be heavy through the afternoon and evening.

As for Friday, expect to see a few sunny spells and heavy showers with most of the showers occurring over the western half of the country.

Moving into the weekend and similar conditions are expected to persist, with sunny spells and showers. Most of the showers will occur during the afternoon and evening, while the mornings are expected to be fairly dry.

All in all, exam students won't exactly be raging because they're not missing out on glorious sunshine, but the rest of us could do with some semblance of summer weather making an appearance sooner rather than later.