The weather over the weekend and into next week is a real rollercoaster 4 years ago

The weather over the weekend and into next week is a real rollercoaster

Really high temperatures... but then also flooding.

Irish Summer 2019 continues to completely run us all into the ground, as we sweat out of our clothes while getting pelted with rain and hailstones.


Instead of the usual complaint of the Irish summer lasting just a few days, instead it seems to be playing out in real time, but right alongside an Irish spring and an Irish autumn.

We never know what to wear, as looking at the weather app for the day would likely indicate we need to bring shorts, wellies, raincoats, and maybe a big jumper, just for good measure.

And so it continues this weekend and into next week, but some really good news, quickly followed by some really bad news.

Friday and Saturday will get up to around 22 degrees, while Sunday will see parts of the country get as high as 25 degrees!


Monday will see similarly high temperatures through the day, before things go south that evening with heavy rain expected across the majority of the country.

That will get worse on Tuesday, as thunderstorms are expected, and Met Éireann warn of spot flooding, too.

It'll still be warm, though. Tuesday and Wednesday will see temperatures stay as high as 21 degrees, even as it is raining out.

So, if nothing else, you might save some money on having to take any showers. Instead, you can just stand outside. Although we're not recommending you get naked. That would be illegal. But also very funny.