Temperatures to drop below freezing this weekend but it’s good news besides 1 year ago

Temperatures to drop below freezing this weekend but it’s good news besides

It’ll be mostly pleasant outdoors this weekend… but bring a jacket.

Temperatures will drop to zero or below freezing for each of the next three nights, according to the Met Éireann forecast for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Saturday night is set to be the coldest of the weekend, when temperatures will drop to lows of -1 to 2 degrees, but the mercury will also drop to zero tonight (Friday) and Sunday on what is an otherwise very promising weekend overall.

While temperatures will not hit the heights of the last Bank Holiday weekend at Easter, Met Éireann is predicting a dry and settled weekend overall, with temperatures reaching no higher than 15 degrees.

That might not seem particularly warm by the standards of early May, but with "anticyclonic conditions" set to prevail throughout the weekend, Met Éireann has promised that with little or no wind and plenty of sunshine, it will feel pleasant despite the slightly lower temperatures.

Due to the cold conditions at night over the weekend, grass frost will be widespread on Saturday and Sunday morning in particular and the few showers that do come our way in the next few days will mostly affect the north coast.

Monday is set to be dry, cloudy and not particularly warm – highest temperatures of 12 degrees – before unsettled weather returns on Tuesday and for most of next week with heavy rain, strong winds and cool temperatures.

We can worry about that next week; for now, just make the most of the very decent conditions for the Bank Holiday weekend.