WIN: Travel the world or cover the cost of college with this amazing €30,000 prize 3 years ago

WIN: Travel the world or cover the cost of college with this amazing €30,000 prize

Brought to you by Circle App.

Which would you choose?


It’s a tough choice. Would you rather travel the world or have all your college fees paid? That’s the question that’s being posed by Circle, an innovative app that lets you transfer money like a text – with no charge.

They’ve just launched a brand new competition and one lucky winner will win a prize worth €30,000. So what’s the catch? Well, you’ll need to choose whether to spend that prize on your education or a trip around the world. Decisions, decisions..!

If you choose the travel option, you and a friend will get to travel the globe and go on a trip of a lifetime. The other option will see Circle cover the cost of your college and tuition fees, which is something that most students can only dream of.

The competition is open to anyone who signs up for the app on their website. It only takes 30 seconds to do and the Circle app makes it easy to transfer money abroad, reimburse your mate for those flights or to finally get that €20 back from your friend!

In addition, you’ll win between 50c and €50 every time you enter. So everyone’s a winner. Now you just need to work out which option you'd choose if you won.

Get your education paid for or travel the world with a friend? You decide! You can’t lose as everyone who enters the draw wins a cash prize. You can enter the competition here


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Brought to you by Circle App.