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17th Aug 2015

You could be saving over €150 on your phone bill if this new network comes to Ireland

Please god let this happen

Alan Loughnane

Nothing wrong with a bit of old fashioned competition…

Carphone Warehouse is set to launch its own mobile network in Ireland called ID Mobile in the coming weeks that could save bill payers up to €166 per year.

According to a report by mobile comparison site, the new network will be cheaper to use for 7 out of 10 people in Ireland than their current monthly plan.

ID Mobile will run on the Three network but will offer users much more competitive prices on the 4G platform than the current ones for many Irish customers.


The report also outlines that other companies will lower their prices in response to the injection of a new competitor into the mobile network market.

Tesco Mobile are the cheapest overall operator in the Irish Market when 3G plans are included, and will remain so after the ID launch.

ID Mobile are planning to target 6 per cent of the Irish market over the next 6 years which will amount to over 290,000 people.

You can read the full report from here.

Hat-tip to the Irish Independent.

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