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27th Jun 2019

If you’re getting Boojum on Friday, guac is not going to cost you extra



If you’re interested…

A common sight in towns and cities around Ireland, Boojum’s popularity is showing little sign of stagnating.

The burrito boom took over Dublin initially and spread its tendrils across the nation, much like the humble doughnut did before it.

free guac boojum

Every time in Boojum, you get the familiar response while filling your meal: “You know that’s going to be extra?”

Yes Boojum, I know it’s going to cost me more, but I need guac on my burrito, otherwise what is the point?

Well, on Friday, 28 June it’s not going to cost you extra because Boojum are giving out free guac with all main meals purchased at their restaurants on Friday.

They made the announcement as a Friday treat for their loyal customers and we’re sure the guac connoisseurs among you will be delighted.

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