If you're shopping on Amazon, watch out for this scam 6 years ago

If you're shopping on Amazon, watch out for this scam

Beware of this phishing scam.

It seems sadly,that Christmas is the season of scamming. Over the past few days we told you about a Secret Santa scam going around on Facebook and a warning from Revenue about inauthentic phone calls and emails appearing to be from them.


Now, it seems that Amazon shoppers are being targeted.

Thousands of people have been receiving fraudulent emails which has a subject line that reads "Your Amazon.com order cannot be shipped."

It also asks them to confirm "certain information" by clicking on a link, adding that they will lose access to their Amazon account and will be unable to place any future orders if they fail to do so according to Yahoo.

Fraudsters then use the information you provide to make purchases.


Some emails may contain links which are likely to malware and therefore should not be opened.

The company said that customers who are concerned about their orders placed from Amazon should ensure the details in the email they receive matches the information under 'Your Orders' on the website.

Shoppers should also check whether the email was sent from an Internet Service Provider other than @amazon.com. If not, it is a scam email.