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26th Jan 2020

Yep, they actually went and made the Brexit commemorative coin

Dave Hanratty

Brexit coin

Grasp a bleak future in the palm of your hand.

Following some false starts, Team Brexit finally has a shiny, physical, pocket-sized memento with which to commemorate its recent resounding victory.

Yep, they’ve finally gone and minted that long-vaunted coin.

Officially unveiled on Sunday by Chancellor of the Exchequer and ‘Master of the Mint’ Sajid Javid, the 50p Brexit coin bears the inscription ‘Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations’.

Around three million Brexit coins will arrive in banks, post offices and shops across Britain from Friday 31 January, with a further seven million set to enter circulation later in 2020.

“This coin marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in British history,” noted Javid, presiding over the very first batch of the currency.

“Let’s look forward with confidence and unleash the enormous potential of our great country.”

Javid intends to present UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson with a coin of his very own in the coming days.

According to government figures, over 13,000 people have registered their interest in the coin which is available to purchase from the Royal Mint.


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