UK General Election exit poll indicates emphatic Boris Johnson victory 1 year ago

UK General Election exit poll indicates emphatic Boris Johnson victory

It appears to be a huge win for the Conservative Party.

The people of Great Britain went to the polls on Thursday as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced off against opposition rival Jeremy Corbyn.


Both men did their bit to encourage voters throughout the day, getting out and about among the masses - Johnson went so far as to pitch up in his own constituency of South Ruislip in the evening - while Corbyn took the time to adopt a relentless meme-heavy social media strategy.

Going in to the big day, Johnson was the favourite to top the overall polls and remain in power, intent on delivering Brexit, which looks to be the case according to the exit poll issued shortly after voting closed at 10pm.

In total, 650 House of Commons seats were contested.

The official exit poll reads as follows:

Conservatives: 368 seats

Labour: 191

Scottish National Party: 55


Liberal Democrats: 13

Green Party: 1

Brexit Party: 0

Other: 22

The exit poll marks the best Conservative performance in seats in a general election since 1992 in contrast to the Labour Party's worst showing since 1935.


In short, it appears to be an emphatic victory for Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party, signalling that Brexit will proceed as planned, with Johnson hoping to complete the process by the end of January.

Counting is set to continue throughout the night into the early hours before an official final result is announced.