Fianna Fáil suffer yet another disaster in latest opinion poll 3 years ago

Fianna Fáil suffer yet another disaster in latest opinion poll

Fianna Fáil are polling at just 12%.

Fianna Fáil, the largest party in government, are polling at just 12% according to the Ireland Thinks opinion poll, published in the Mail on Sunday today (19 July).


The Taoiseach's party has been hit by several setbacks since coming into government - not least the sacking of Barry Cowen after he refused to answer questions in the Dáil pertaining to his past driving offences. The party was struggling at 13% when the poll was last conducted in June, and it seems that the downward slide continues apace.

Support for Fine Gael has continued to climb, however. Leo Varadkar's party is now by far the most popular party in Ireland according to the poll, having increased their support by four percentage points since June - now sitting at 38%.

Sinn Féin lost one percentage point, but still fare far better than Fianna Fáil, with 26% of respondents expressing a preference for Mary Lou McDonald's party.

The Greens have seen their support almost cut in half since agreeing to join the government coalition, falling from 8% in June to 5% now, with Labour steady at 4%. Soc Dems have also held steady at 3%, with Solidarity-PBP climbing by one point to match them.