Joe Biden pledges to help with Irish causes if elected 2 years ago

Joe Biden pledges to help with Irish causes if elected

"I inherited my mother's side of the family's overwhelming pride in being Irish", Biden said in Dublin in 2016.

Joe Biden has pledged to help with Irish causes, if he is elected US President.


In a statement released by his campaign on Saturday, the former US vice president has said that he will work to advance the Northern Ireland peace process and "ensure that there will be no US-UK trade deal" if Brexit threatens the Good Friday Agreement.

Speaking of Irish immigrants in America, the statement reads: "Joe Biden rejects Donald Trump's immigration policies and will restore America's values as a nation of immigrants.

"He will prioritise legislation to create a roadmap to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented people who have been strengthening our country for years and preserve the longstanding directive of our immigration system to reunite families and enhance our diversity."

The Trump campaign has also voiced its support for the Good Friday Agreement in recent weeks.


It is believed that 30 million Americans claim Irish ancestry.

Biden, like many other US presidents, traces his roots back to Ireland, specifically Louth and Mayo.

He visited Ireland while he was Obama's vice-president back in 2016.

The US election is due to take place on 3 November.