Morning Ireland's Audrey Carville took Agriculture Minister Michael Creed to task on Brexit 6 months ago

Morning Ireland's Audrey Carville took Agriculture Minister Michael Creed to task on Brexit

Audrey Carville is being widely praised for her discussion of a no-deal Brexit with Agriculture Minister Michael Creed.

Audrey Carvilleย was joined by Agriculture Minister Michael Creed on Wednesday's edition of Morning Ireland.

Creed, whose department is central to the Brexit preparations, was questioned by the Morning Ireland presenter relentlessly about what sort of impact a no-deal Brexit will actually have on the island of Ireland.

While Creed was in the middle of discussing a withdrawal agreement, Carville cut across and said: "We're talking about a no-deal Minister, with respect, if you could answer the question: 'How would we avoid a hard border'?"

Creed responded that it "is imperative that the focus remains fully on Westminister", and continued to bring up a withdrawal agreement.

Carville responded: "Minister, we've a limited amount of time for the interview, we're not talking about the withdrawal agreement.

"We're talking about the scenario of a no-deal, and in that scenario, the European Commission before Christmas spelled out in black and white in the case of a no-deal, every consignment of live animals and animal products from the UK would have to undergo checks, in union border inspection posts at the point of entry into the European Union.

"That could not be clearer. There will have to be checks."

The conversation again shifted towards a withdrawal agreement, before Carville returned to her original point, saying:

"I must repeat Minister, we are talking this morning about a no-deal Brexit, and what will happen on this island on 30 March when a tanker load of milk leaves LacPatrick Dairys in Tyrone to deliver to Donegal. Who will check that tanker load of milk?"

Creed responded by saying: "If there was easy answers to these questions, they would have been found a long time ago."

Carville doubled down on her point by asking again: "Are you going to tell us who and where will that tanker load of milk, and countless other food products be checked?"

The conversation continued as such for the remainder of the interview, which you can listen to in full here.

Plenty of people took to Twitter to praise Carville for her performance on the show: