Sinn Féin now level with Fianna Fáil in latest poll 3 years ago

Sinn Féin now level with Fianna Fáil in latest poll

A massive development, less than a week out from the day of the election.

Sinn Féin is now level with Fianna Fáil, according to the latest opinion poll.


A substantial increase in support sees the party in joint first place alongside Fianna Fáil, while Fine Gael have dropped to third place.

Both Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil are on 24 per cent, while Fine Gael are on 21 per cent among the 1,000 people surveyed.

The Business Post/Red C poll is a major development ahead of the general election on Saturday 8 February.

This comes hours after another poll (conducted by The Times Ireland) had Sinn Féin and Fine Gael level in support.


The poll has the Green Party at seven per cent, Labour at five, while independents have 12 per cent of the support.

Aontú is also up one point to 2 per cent.

The margin for error for this poll is three per cent either way.

Both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil have ruled out going into coalition with Sinn Féin, with Leo Varadkar posting a video on his Twitter page showing each member of his team stating that they would under no circumstances go into government with Mary Lou McDonald's party.