A newly-published political rich list has revealed Ireland's wealthiest TDs 4 years ago

A newly-published political rich list has revealed Ireland's wealthiest TDs

A political rich list has been compiled showing an estimated combined wealth of all TDs in Leinster House at over €216 million euro.

Ireland's wealthiest TDs have been revealed in a new political rich list, compiled by the Sunday Independent.


The data shows that the estimated combined wealth of all the TDs in Leinster House in 2018 is over €216 million.

The wealthiest of these has been named as the Tipperary representative Michael Lowry. The Independent TD is Ireland's richest politician, with an estimated worth of €6.4 million.

In second place is Michael Healy-Rae, the Kerry TD who's been nicknamed "by far the biggest landlord in the Dáil," as he currently owns 10 rental properties. His estimated wealth stands at  €5.4 million.

It's understood that over a quarter of Cabinet members own rental properties.


Following Lowry and Healy-Rae are Richard Bruton, Sean Haughey and Enda Kenny in third, forth and fifth place, respectively.

Education minister Richard Bruton is valued at just under €5 million.

Healy-Rae's brother, Danny, also gets a mention. It's believed that the fellow Kerryman boasts assets valued at €1.6 million.

There are currently 158 Teachta Dálas working in Ireland. It's believed that half of these are now worth more than €1 million.


The list mostly represents male parliamentary figures, with just 11 female politicians thought to be worth €1 million or higher.

The highest placed female on the list is Fine Gael politician and former-Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald at number 18.

The newly-published list has brought up fresh discussions of public sector pension reform.

Just last month, a list of Ireland's richest entertainers was published by The Sunday Times.


Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. graced the top spot, as U2 currently boast a combined net worth of an estimated €647 million.