Taoiseach Leo Varadkar takes the Rubberbandits up on their advice 4 years ago

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar takes the Rubberbandits up on their advice

Mic'd up and ready to go.

Leo Varadkar has had a busy week this week. He featured in the European edition of TIME magazine where he talked about Trump, Trudeau and Brexit.


The Taoiseach has started doing weekly video messages on social media and this week marked the second week of the new initiative by Varadkar.

Week one went well apart from the small problem that Varadkar's sound quality in the video was not great and at times, his voice was very hard to hear in the video.

While we were delighted to see Varadkar issuing the video, everyone was thinking it but only the Rubberbandits had the nerve to say it...


Well, Varadkar took the Rubberbandits' advice and was equipped with a small microphone which is attached to his tie in video number two.


"First of all, I want to thank the Rubberbandits for their advice on sound quality. As you can see, I've taken their advice and invested in a lapel mic," said Varadkar before he started discussing Government business.

The Rubberbandits have been known to voice their opinions and it was great to see the Taoiseach stand up, take note and acknowledge the duo.

Did it make it a big difference? You can decide for yourself, the first video Varadkar did is here.