Sinn Féin TD tells Dáil a united Ireland is the way forward 4 years ago

Sinn Féin TD tells Dáil a united Ireland is the way forward

Strong words.

Martin Kenny, a Sinn Féin TD who has represented the Sligo–Leitrim constituency since 2016, made a powerful speech to the Dáil in which he stated that border counties must begin to prepare for a united Ireland.


Kenny spoke in the Dáil on behalf a "border constituency", discussing the current state of how things are in his own area.

"One of the primary things that we all feel should be in place by now, is there should be an absolute assurance that aide rules, would be set to one side, that Europe will recognise that we are going to be in a very precarious position," said Kenny on Tuesday.

"On the table in Europe, at this point, we should be seeing proposals for the millions that we will need to have invested in our ports, in our roads, in our infrastructure."

He then discussed the possibility of a united Ireland, saying:


"The economic benefits are there for all to see. I think everyone recognises now on this island that the possibility of a 32-county economy, of a new Ireland emerging from this, is something that's very positive.

"It's something that's very positive even without Brexit, and we need to be focusing on that and working on that.

"The old sectarian divisions that were used as excuses in the past are no longer there."

You can have a look at Kenny's speech in full here:


Clip via Cathy Power