WATCH: Mary Lou McDonald accuses the UK of "playing chicken" with Ireland 3 years ago

WATCH: Mary Lou McDonald accuses the UK of "playing chicken" with Ireland

The leader of Sinn Féin has not minced her words here.

Mary Lou McDonald appeared on ITV's Good Morning Britain to discuss Brexit, especially with relation to the affect it will have on both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Speaking about how Theresa May has negotiated so far, she said: "These are very high stake matters, and I think it would be utterly, utterly reckless, for anybody as British Prime Minister to knowingly and cynically destabalise peace in Ireland."

McDonald then criticised the antics of those in Westminster, describing the "antics" as "exotic".

She said: "I have watched the sometimes very strange and exotic antics at Westminster throughout this whole Brexit process, and I am not convinced at all, and you will not convince me that by being present and in the middle of that melee that we would be well positioned to protect Irish interests."


Clip via Good Morning Britain

McDonald then appeared on BBC Radio 4, where she accused Theresa May of acting "in bad faith", and said that "the British government has played a game of chicken with Irish interests, they’re running down the clock".


Her work wasn't done there though. She also appeared on Sky News, where she accused May and the British government of having no plans when it comes to Brexit:

She also told Sky News that "If there is a crash or calamity Brexit, be sure of one thing, Ireland won't simply take that on the chin, and absorb all of that damage and move on.


"In those circumstances, I have told Mrs. May very clearly that there will be a democratic imperative to trigger the provision of the Good Friday Agreement, and to put the question of the border, and to put the question of Irish unity to the people."