QUIZ: How good are you at first aid? 11 months ago

QUIZ: How good are you at first aid?

Brought to you by AIG Insurance

Never a bad idea to test your first aid skills!

You never really know when it will be that you might need them, but everyone should have at least basic first aid skills. Whether you're at a football match and see someone who may be suffering a cardiac arrest or simply are the first person to reach someone who just suffered an injury, they can often be a literal life saver.

To see how many of you would know what to do in these situations, we teamed up with AIG Insurance. They've just launched their聽Dub Club Health scheme, which aims to help the GAA community be better prepared to deal with sporting emergencies.

If you want your GAA club to be involved, click here!

AIG Insurance will be working closely with Dublin GAA and its Health & Wellness committee to collaborate and develop out meaningful programs under the initiative for club members.

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Brought to you by AIG Insurance