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16th Feb 2024

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 386

Charlie Herbert

pub quiz

Tick, tick, boom.

Sweat runs down my brow, my heart pounds in my chest. Time is running out, the deadline is approaching – another pub quiz needs to be ready.

Less than an hour until it’s meant to drop and this silly intro isn’t written up. “What should I write? What can I write? Can I write?”

A quick double check of the questions and answers to make sure there are no errors – hell hath no fury like a quizzer scorned.

The adrenaline is pumping now. Sending a pub quiz out to the masses is quite the rush.

And then, the calm. Another quiz, signed, sealed, delivered.

Time to think of another 25 questions for next week. The cycle restarts.

The quizzing never ends.

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