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24th Feb 2024

Quiz: Name these 20 Premier League strikers from the 2000s

Lee Costello

It was a simpler time.

You will need to be on top form to get 20/20 in this 2000s strikers quiz – we’re talking Thierry Henry in his peak years, kinda form.

Everyone knows their Michael Owens and Wayne Rooney’s, but what about the flops? The has-beens? The young talents who never fulfilled their potential?

Can you jog your memory back enough to remember checking the score on Teletext, celebrate in front of the black screen that showed nothing but the score and the goalscorer, then patiently wait until Match of the Day that night to watch it?

Before the world of instantaneous information, you were tuning your radio to try and listen in to matches, checking club websites on your massive computers, and texting friends on a Nokia 3310 to get the latest updates.

Or better yet, you were actually able to avoid hearing the score, ignoring messages from friends and talking to certain people just so you could watch the highlights that night, and enjoy the thrill of the action as though it were live.

Even without the ability to just see everything straight away, the memories that these goalscorer gave us are etched deep in our brains, so we challenge you to reach in, and relive those glorious or heartbreaking moments once again, and allow the nostalgia help you ace this quiz.

Good luck!

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