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24th May 2024

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 400

Charlie Herbert

“Who knows who will be in charge for number 400…”

Those were the words I wrote just under two years ago, on the intro for the 300th edition of the JOE Friday Pub Quiz. And it turns out the answer was: me, I’ll still be in charge. I have an iron grip on this pub quiz, and it will have to be pried from my dying hands before I hand over control to anyone else.

Or I’ll just do a Jurgen Klopp and decide one day that my time has come, before walking off into the sunset.

Anyway, we can all agree this is a momentous occasion. So wasn’t it rude of Rishi Sunak to steal our thunder this week by announcing a general election?

Ah well. Three Tory prime ministers have suffered their downfall since this quiz started in 2017, and I wouldn’t bet against that being four in a few weeks time.

What have we got for you on number 400 then? Well, along with a smattering of 400-themed questions, there’s a round all about the year of this quiz’s birth followed by some cold, no-nonsense quizzing in the form of a flags round. But we’re not messing about with your basic flags, oh no – this is one for the hardcore flag fans out there.

So, for the 400th time, shall we?

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