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18th Nov 2018

Alastair Campbell: Britain has been reduced to a global laughing stock thanks to Brexiteer attitude to the Irish border

Paddy McKenna


A price worth paying…

Alastair Campbell is leading the campaign for a People’s Vote in the UK. Speaking to Dion Fanning on an episode of Ireland Unfiltered that will be broadcast on video and audio this Tuesday, 20 November, he explained at length why he thinks the British attitude towards Brexit has been so bad for the country’s reputation.

Alastair Campbell: The other thing that I think just reduces us to a bit of a global laughing stock at the moment, I think one of the reasons why Britain down the years has been y’know such a respected country is because we have always had this sense that if you’re inside an international organisation, you kinda, you play your part in that. But you kinda, you do abide by the rules.

And you know, we’re just basically saying we don’t care about any of these rules. And some of these people, this is what happens when people become fanatical, you know there was a guy, in fact the day that the deal was, the agreement, I’m not even going to call it a deal, it’s not a deal, the day that the agreement was announced, I was meant to be having a discussion on Channel 4 news I think it was, I was meant to be having a discussion with some guy, some Tory, he bills himself as Leave EU’s leading economist, who basically y’know done a whole load of tweets saying that the Irish border…

Dion: Lilico, was it that guy?

AC: Lilico, yeah.. that it doesn’t matter, that it’s a price worth paying. And if you get a bit of trouble, so what? And that’s what they think. There’s no price too great for this.

Dion: For their fantasy…

AC: Yeah, incredible.

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