Andrew Maxwell on why Bono is Ireland’s Brexit 1 year ago

Andrew Maxwell on why Bono is Ireland’s Brexit

"If Irish people were given a vote on it we would vote to leave Bono." 

Andrew Maxwell hasn't been shy in expressing his views on Brexit in the recent past and he's been revisiting the topic again this week.


Known for his impeccable clarity of thought surrounding the issue, the stand-up comedian had an interesting take on what he feels could potentially be Ireland's equivalent of an issue that has dominated the news agenda for the last few years.

Speaking to Dion Fanning on this week's episode of Ireland Unfiltered, Maxwell explained that if Irish people were given a vote, we would vote to leave Bono. That's right, Bono.

According to Maxwell, the U2 lead singer "gets to" Irish people on the same level as the British public with the EU.

Maxwell says: "Again, as a joke I’ve said on stage, I try and work out what the Irish equivalent of Brexit would be and it took me ages to work it out, but I reckon if Irish people were given a vote on it we would vote to leave Bono. You know what I mean? It works on that level."

From Dutch tax scandals to critiquing his fashion choices, Maxwell explained that Irish people are quick to comment on every move the native singer-songwriter makes.

Andrew: "You couldn’t even debate it, you know? The amount of people in Ireland that just reflexively go, 'Nah, Bono'.

And then when you go, 'Well what’s wrong with him?'


'Ah… Bono. The final straw was their taxes in Holland.'

But also, they also pay a lot of tax here?

'Ah but sure, he’s always banging on, Bono'

You know he single handedly persuaded George Bush Jr. to invest vast amounts of American tax dollars to fight HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa?

'Oh but his fucking glasses!'


You know what I mean? It’s that level. Just constant harrumphing about Bono banging on.

There’s so many times over the years Bono does an interview, an in-depth interview - what a charming man. Self-effacing, takes the piss out of himself all the way through the interview, you know what I mean?"

We can't see a vote to leave Bono happening any time soon. You can check out the full episode below:


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