Conor Moore on the Davy Fitzgerald sketch that helped him hit the big time 4 years ago

Conor Moore on the Davy Fitzgerald sketch that helped him hit the big time

The moment that started it all…

Conor Moore’s videos have been spiralling across the internet in recent months as the Mullingar man has found another adoring audience in the form of golf fans.


But before he was doing TV adverts with Tiger Woods, Conor Moore made his name creating hilarious GAA videos for JOE.

You may have seen many of sketches he created, from Ger Loughnane going to Thailand, to Davy Fitzgerald calling out Michael Duignan and Joe Brolly, protesting that Eamon Dunphy is not his father.

But Moore says he can trace his success back to one video which really took off, and that was the trial of Davy Fitz.


"That was the first big one," Moore told Dion Fanning on Ireland Unfiltered this week.

"That was the one where people started going ‘this is really good’. Again, Davy’s suspension happened that day, it came out at the perfect time. It was just, everything about it and [Joe] Brolly wrote to me and said ‘that’s one of the best pieces of comedy I’ve ever seen.’

"‘You can’t handle the truth, you boys need me on the Sunday Game’ and all that kind of stuff. Ger [Loughnane] looking at him saying ‘Stick the dodie in, sweet suffering jaysus Davy”.

"Doing that and making the characters, then I saw that Brolly as a character, Ger was a character and Davy was a character and I just based everything, every week off one of them," Moore said.


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