Conor Moore reveals how Ger Loughnane reacted to those brilliant impersonations 3 years ago

Conor Moore reveals how Ger Loughnane reacted to those brilliant impersonations

When you think of Ger Loughnane, one of two things will spring to mind.

The first will be your standard Ger Loughnane in the Sunday Game studio, wearing his suit and calling out the Offaly hurlers for being overweight.


The second will be a man sporting an antique grey blazer and wearing what appears to be a condom on his head; yes, we’re talking about Conor’s Sketches AKA Conor Moore.

The character of Ger Loughnane, created by Moore, is like a cross between Hugh Hefner and The Viper Higgins. A womaniser, fond of the drink and smokes too many cigarettes.

The character is quite the contrast from the original Ger, who is known for having strong opinions on hurling, but is not associated with any of the traits listed above.


But how exactly did Ger Loughnane react to the impressions when he saw them?

"Ger has to think he’s a bit of a legend like, you know when he looks at his stuff," Moore told Dion Fanning on Ireland Unfiltered. Even though he was like, when I met him down with Wooly that night he just came up and he sat down and he’d these big shoulders like he really is, he’s a big, big man.

"And you’re looking at him with this big head. And he just looks and he goes 'Jeez you’re making a cunt of me ha?' and I was like 'Huh?'

"He says, 'What sort of stuff do you have me at at all? Out there in Thailand the whole lot.'


"One of the boys showed him the video in Thailand of him acting up and I said to him “Aw I hope you don’t mind.” I says “Sure it’s a bit of craic. I just kind of mixed your mannerisms and voice with Hugh Hefner and boom the public love it.”

"And he goes 'I hope you make millions. Keep it up,' and that was it like, he was just great craic," Moore said.

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