Father Ted co-creator gives update on the progress of Pope Ted the musical 4 years ago

Father Ted co-creator gives update on the progress of Pope Ted the musical

Father Ted becoming Pope? What's not to like?

Writer, comedian and co-creator of Father Ted, Arthur Matthews was this week's guest on Ireland Unfiltered with Dion Fanning.


The Meath native discussed plenty of things from the Irish love of a good, short mass, to how he's working on a new comedy about Brexit with a superb cast potentially lined up to star in it.

But Matthews also gave a much-needed update on the progress of one of the most anticipated musicals in Ireland, Pope Ted.

Dion: What can you tell us about Pope Ted?

Arthur: Well, it’s written, first draft. The music in it is fantastic I can tell you that. Neil Hannon and Paul Woodful. It’s brilliant, it’s like really good. So but because it doesn’t exist. The music exists so I can say what that’s like but because the show doesn’t exist yet, I don’t know. I mean I presume it’ll be good.


Dion: But you’ve written-

Arthur: Yeah it’s written, the first draft, but it will change.

Dion: But it’s about Ted becoming Pope?

Arthur: Yeah... the clue is in the title!


Dion: No I was wondering, that hasn’t changed? Like that hasn’t..?

Arthur: No that’s still what it’s about. yeah. Graham doesn’t like really revealing too much about it. He’s very secretive about it.

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