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17th Jan 2020

Introducing State Of Us: Election 2020 — JOE’s new show for #GE2020

Carl Kinsella

Irish politics podcast

Look at the state of us.

As the opening week of campaigning for next month’s general election draws to a close, JOE launches its brand new politics podcast, State of Us: Election 2020.

Hosted by Dion Fanning and featuring JOE’s Head of Politics Ellen Coyne, and columnist Carl Kinsella, the show will take an exciting look at an election unfolding at blistering speed, with different stories and scandals dominating the headlines from one hour to the next.

The weekly show – available in both audio-only and video format – will tackle the toughest and most trivial issues that arise over the next three weeks.

Episode 1 launches today (17 Jan), and features JOE’s politicos discuss Fine Gael campaigning in the shadow of a homeless crisis, whether the Paddy Holohan scandal scuppered Sinn Féin, and whether the Greens can turn the Green Wave into anything meaningful once election day comes.

In amongst those hard topics, there’s plenty of time for misplaced and inapplicable sports metaphors, dreams of Micheál Martin’s trousers falling down on live television, and analysis of Leo Varadkar: the campaigner.

You watch or listen to Episode 1 below. And subscribe here.

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