KELLIE HARRINGTON: I was sick of living in Katie Taylor's shadow 5 months ago

KELLIE HARRINGTON: I was sick of living in Katie Taylor's shadow

It's been an incredible 2018 for Ireland's latest world boxing champion.

Having taken the decision to drop a weight class to 6okg, Kellie Harrington was rewarded for that brave choice when she scooped gold at the AIBA World Women's Elite Championships in New Delhi in November.

Having won a silver medal in the light welterweight (64kg) division at the world championships in Kazakhstan two years earlier, it meant that she became the first Irish boxer to win medals in two different weights at this level.

Kellie Harrington has the natural charm and X-factor that all combat athletes dream of and chatting to host Dion Fanning on this week's episode of Ireland Unfiltered, the Portland Row golden girl opened up about some of the frustrations she has faced in her long slog to becoming world champ.

"I’m really saying this over the last few days and I’m actually getting tired of saying it, but I’ve been living in the shadows of a fantastic athlete in Katie Taylor.

"It’s hard when you’re living in the shadow of someone, you can imagine how sick you’re going to get of doing that, you know?

"I mean, I decided then I was going to try 64(kg) and see how it went and then it just went from there, but yeah it was hard.

"Things were really, really different back then we didn’t have, I didn’t have the support - that doesn’t mean other people didn’t have it - but me personally did not have the support that I have now."

You can watch the full interview with Kellie right here. Enjoy...

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