Lynn Ruane: Michael D. Higgins is "an anchor against fascism and hate" 2 years ago

Lynn Ruane: Michael D. Higgins is "an anchor against fascism and hate"

Very high praise.

Senator Lynn Ruane joined Dion Fanning last week for Ireland Unfiltered, and over the course of their conversation, Ruane detailed exactly what makes President Michael D. Higgins especially important in today's fraught political climate.


She cut a stark contrast between Michael D. Higgins and the kind of divisive politics that is sweeping through Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world.

Ruane said: "You have President Higgins who won by running a purely positive campaign, and by not buying in to all the hatred. A positive campaign. And I really think that he is the anchor, that counter-pull, against what we're experiencing globally and at European level in relation to fascism and hate and racism."

"Society is a collective of people and cultures and families and communities so we should never be looking at us as an individualistic state. We should be focused on the essence of community, and that's what Michael D. does... I think Michael D. represents what I and a huge amount of people stand for. I've never came out and batted for a politician like I have for him, and I think it's because I believe in who he is, and what he says, and what he's doing."

Explaining the set of values that motivate her, Ruane said: "We're not being politically correct, we're just being decent human beings that actually care about people, that actually want to see people do well and not struggle, and not just dish out hate."

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