President Michael D. Higgins & Tommy Tiernan just phone each other for the craic & now we're insanely jealous 4 years ago

President Michael D. Higgins & Tommy Tiernan just phone each other for the craic & now we're insanely jealous

"It's the president. How are you, Tommy?"

Tommy Tiernan and President Michael D. Higgins.


Name a more iconic duo. We'll wait...

The comedian, writer, actor and the greatest thing to come out of Navan since Pierce Brosnan (which is a pretty impressive accolade, to be fair) is our guest on Ireland Unfiltered this week.

Not content with simply being one Ireland's most magnificent minds, Tiernan revealed that he also just happens to be great pals with none other than the president of the country, Miggeldy Higens.

Speaking with host Dion Fanning on a number of issues including his childhood and how he hones his humour, the Navan native observed that a lot of old men are actually very fond of him, saying:


"They're just drawn to me. I'm an attractive proposition for older gentlemen.

"The President. I have great chats with him and it’s always shocking – it’s not shocking to people from Ireland because we live in such an an egalitarian society, everybody knows everybody – but sometimes if he phones me and I’m with English people... 'It’s the president. Michael.'

*Does impression of President Higgins* "'How are you, Tommy?'

"He starts off the conversation the same way – I pick up the phone and I go, 'Hello', because it’s ID withheld, unknown number, but I know it’s him, I go, 'Hello?'


"And he says, 'Is that Doctor Tiernan?'"

So what does this tell us? Basically, we all need to immediately reconsider everything we thought knew about friendship as we, as a nation, collectively realise that our own friends will never, ever be good enough for us because they're not Tommy Tiernan or the president of the country.

You can watch the full interview with Tommy right here. Enjoy...


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