15 Fantasy Football team names that are so bad they're good 5 years ago

15 Fantasy Football team names that are so bad they're good

With the start of the Premier League season, one thing will be more important than any other.

Your team signing a striker? Nope, there's a way round that.


We're talking, of course, about the rush to absolutely nail the most important of pre-season rituals, the fantasy football team name pun.

Every year it becomes harder and harder to come up with something that's new, original, groan-inducingly funny and 20 characters or fewer, but we've done our best.

Feel free to take some of these and pass them off as your own to impress your mates, but be aware that we'll know your guilty secret.

1. Ayew Not Entertained

Ayew Not Entertained (2)

2. Xhaka Demus & Pliers

Xhaka Demus & Pliers


3. Callum Wilson's War

Callum Wilson's War

4. Pique and De Bruyne

Pique and De Bruyne

5. Besic Instinct


Besic Instinct

6. Tickle-Me Elmohamady

Tickle Me Elmohamady

7. Netflix & Chilwell


Netflix and Chilwell

8. Daenerys Mkhitaryan

Daenerys Mkhitaryan

9. Firmino, Clive


Firmino, Clive

10. Mo Mané Mo Problems

Mo' Mane Mo' Problems

11. Wanyamas in Pyjamas

Wanyamas in Pyjamas

12. We Don't Need Rhodes

We Don't Need Rhodes

13. The 40-Year-Old Virgil

40-Year-Old Virgil

14. Bojan Horseman

Bojan Horseman

15. Fer Fuchs Ake

Fer Fuchs Ake

Have you got any better puns than these? There's still time to enter the JOE Fantasy Football League, and we'll have prizes for the winner and the best team name pun.

Even if you've had a bad opening week, all is not lost.