15 things you will hear down the pub at a Six Nations match 7 years ago

15 things you will hear down the pub at a Six Nations match

With kick-off times perfect for pints, if you can’t get a ticket, the pub is the best place to watch the Six Nations. And there you will find many opinions on the great game of rugby.

1 ‘F***ing Ireland’s Call’


The most hated song in Irish sport, and when it strikes up, most of the boozer will utter this epithet.

2 ‘The French anthem is great all the same’

It’s the anti-Ireland’s Call.

French anthem rugby generic

3 ‘Offside’

We’re pretty sure nobody, not even the players, are fully sure of all the rules, and fans with a Heino in hand certainly don’t. You’ll hear this bellowed at virtually every ruck. And they’ll be right the odd time too, only encouraging them.

4 ‘Forward’


Another constant shout, though more common when playing Southern ‘no honestly it was flat’ Hemisphere sides.

5 ‘Look at that bollocks Chris Ashton’

Definitely heard during England games, often heard while other Six Nations games are on, sometimes heard in the middle of summer with no rugby on at all.

AshtonChris small

6 ‘I’d kick that’


No, no you wouldn’t

7 ‘Is that our throw in or theirs?’

The more casual fan often forgets the intricacies of kicking to touch, with the distinction between penalties, 22s and clearing kicks lost in the sands between the end of last year’s tournament and this.

8 ‘Heave’


Everyone loves a good maul.

9 ‘We’ll never have another fella like BOD, will we?’

Brian O'Driscoll 29/1/2014

We’ll hear this a lot this year. A LOT


10 ‘Thank f*ck we can’t hear that Hook fella’

The absence of analysis is one benefit of watching in a loud pub.

11 ‘Shhhh’

Silence in the stadium for kickers we get, silence in the pub is still a mystery to us.

12 ‘Will we stay for the second match?’

If it is raining, or Ireland won the first match, the answer is always yes. If we lost the match, or it is nice out, the answer is yes.

13 'Ligind'

A term used almost exclusively by Munster-supporting Irish fans, almost exclusively reserved for Munster players on the Irish team.

14 'Sure Dave Kearney's attractive, but he's no Rob'

The younger of the Kearney brothers has a hard act to follow when it comes to making an impression on the female fans.

15 'Ah he's not going to the TMO for that'

Going to the TMO was once a novel and enjoyable aspect of a rugby game, but it's starting to become very tiresome, very quickly.