25 things that show why Ireland and Scotland are alike but are oh so different 8 years ago

25 things that show why Ireland and Scotland are alike but are oh so different

Ahead of the big clash in Glasgow we look at the cultural similarities between ourselves and our Scottish brethren.

We are similar in a lot of ways, but it's not hard to see the gaping chasm between both nations either.


1. Scotland has The Proclaimers, Ireland has Jedward.

2. Scotland has Simple Minds. Ireland has U2.

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3. Scotland has haggis. Ireland has black pudding.


4. Scotland has bagpipes. Ireland has uilleann pipes.

5. Scotland had William Wallace. Ireland had Brian Boru.

6. Scotland has Irn Bru. Ireland has red lemonade.

7. Scotland has Andy Murray. Ireland has Rory McIlroy. Britain has both.


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8. Scotland has Sean Connery. Ireland has Pierce Brosnan.

9. Scotland has the Shetland Islands. Ireland has the Aran Islands

10. Scotland has Rab C.Nesbitt. Ireland has Father Ted.


11. Scotland has tartan kilts. Ireland has Aran jumpers.

12. Scotland has curling. Ireland has hurling. (Shinty doesn’t rhyme with hurling)


13. Scotland has Tenants. Ireland has Guinness.

14. Scotland has Susan Boyle. Ireland has Mary Byrne.


15.Scotland has Gordon Brown. Ireland has Brian Cowen.

16. Scotland has the Loch Ness Monster. Ireland has Fungi the Dolphin (one of these exists)

17. Scotland has the Terrier. Ireland has the Wolfhound.

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18. Scotland has Midge Ure. Ireland has Bob Geldof.

19. Scotland has Stephen Hendry. Ireland has Ken Doherty

20. Scotland has the Highlands. Ireland has the Ring of Kerry.

21. Scotland has Trainspotting. Ireland has Intermission.

22. Scotland has Billy Connolly. Ireland has Tommy Tiernan.

23. Scotland has St Andrews. Ireland has the K Club.

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24. Scotland has Gordon Ramsey. Ireland has Donal Skehan.

25. Scotland has Rowdy Roddy Piper. Ireland has Sheamus.

Lots of hotly disputed pairings there, but ultimately we hope to add the one that matters most and that's Scotland has zero points and Ireland has three points. COYBIG!