8 thoughts every runner has during a marathon 5 years ago

8 thoughts every runner has during a marathon

When you run 26 miles, you have plenty of time to think.

The SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon takes place on October 26 and if you're one of the brave people running it, then you should probably know that it is a mental challenge, as well as a physical one.

Over a journey of this distance, your mind will also race, with plenty of questions, such as 'what are you doing?' and 'surely, you could have just bought a sports car to solve this mid-life crisis?'

Here's just a taste of the other thoughts that usually run through runners' minds while taking on a marathon.

"This is so easy. I am definitely going to beat my personal best"

This usually enters your mind between the 1st and 10th kilometre. Don't worry, this thought passes...


 "Where do people running marathons relieve themselves?"

We would prefer not to think about this...


"Should I have come in fancy dress?"

Every year, there are group of people who try to complete a marathon in what they think is a hilarious fancy dress. We commend their effort, if not their humour.


"All those missed nights out for this? This was a terrible idea"

When it begins to hurt, you might start doubting yourself. Keep up the pace and this negativity will soon pass. Keep on keeping on and you will soon get your second wind.


"I really should have done something about my nipples"

Many marathon novices forget that running over 26 miles will reek havoc on your nipples if you don't come prepared.


If I feign injury now, nobody will notice

It will get tough and you will look for ways out, but find a way through because it will totally be worth it at the end.


Actually I can do this

This is what all the training was for. You're almost there and you know it.


Where do I sign-up for next year

When it is over you will feel an overwhelming sense of delight. Congratulations, you've got the marathon bug!